Our Company


J.H. McKenzie Electrical Contractors was initially established in 1942 and has operated primarily in the Edmonton and surrounding area for the past 7 decades. Current company president is J. Cory McKenzie, a master electrician and PEC, the son of previous president James D. McKenzie and grandson of the original founder James Harvey McKenzie. The initial work that the company was involved in was residential wiring for the construction of new houses. The company expanded into the industrial and commercial wiring sectors in the 1950’s and 60’s. The company was involved in many industrial projects in the 1960’s and 1970’s in various oil refineries throughout Alberta. In its current form the company performs maintenance for many commercial and industrial industries and performs electrical installations for the commercial construction and renovation industry for the Edmonton and surrounding region.

In the office the company employs master electricians as both project managers and estimators. Communication from within is rarely a problem as once a project has been priced and accepted by the client, the individual who is involved with the project at the start is involved to see the project through to completion.

J.H. McKenzie Electrical Contractors has enjoyed a relationship with electrical workers union IBEW Local 424 since the 1950s and currently employs over 25 full-time staff and members of the union. through this relationship the company has managed to benefit from many things that have come out of this long term relationship. The company has benefitted from the training that the highly-skilled workers receive from the various programs offered by IBEW. These are programs such as conduit bending, hoisting and rigging, and first aid and safety training.

The active safety program that exists has contributed to the fact that there has never been a serious injury or permanently injured worker over the last 7 decades. Never compromising worker safety is and has always been priority number one and in many cases personal protective equipment (such as safety glasses) is made to be a mandatory requirement for J.H. McKenzie Electrical employees even though this may not be mandatory for those particular sites. Daily hazard assessments are completed at the beginning of every shift and are kept simple and effective to encourage workers to think about potential hazards before accidents can occur.